• Siggi Odds

    Siggi Odds

    Never one to turn down a globe trotting challenge, our very own Sara Loperdinger ventured to Iceland; the home of strong men, Nordic gods and Siggi Odds, to gain...

  • AG Rojas

    AG Rojas

    Winning the hearts and minds of musicians, designers and artists in this creatively critical land is no mean feat. However in the world of music and film, is director...

  • Paul Willoughby

    Paul Willoughby

    Every edition of Little White Lies Magazine is as visually arresting and tactile from cover to cover as the next. Whilst flicking through, this seems to be an effortless...

  • Jake Davis

    Jake Davis

    Recruited to direct a short film for the giant sporting brand and fashion fiend that is Nike while still graduating from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, it would...

  • Tomas Leach

    Tomas Leach

    With a diverse cinematic vocabulary, Tomas Leach has traveled the world gaining global success directing documentaries. With a panoramic beauty he captures his subjects in a very endearing nature; from...

  • Sean Dunne

    Sean Dunne

    Spinning onto the stage of ‘Sundance’s official selection’ with Paul Mawhinney and his 50 million dollar ‘Archive’, commercial and film director Sean Dunne caught not only the attention of...

  • Arth Daniels

    Arth Daniels

    If you haven’t heard of Arth Daniels by now, then heres your chance to get up to date with one of the most exciting and dynamic contemporary painters of...

  • Alma Har’el

    Alma Har’el

    Having just returned to the US from her London premiere of Bombay Beach, her cheery voice pushing through a few broken yawns, Alma Har’el speaks of her first experiences...